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Electrical – NELLA MILLAN

About this item: Electric Jug


The electric kettle has the capacity to hold 1.8 liters of liquid and can serve many people at the same time. This reduces the number of refills, and you can heat water or make a large amount of tea at once! Saves you time and increases efficiency.


This electric kettle has an automatic shutdown feature. When the temperature rises to a certain threshold, the equipment automatically shuts off. This protects the device from damage as well as drink inside it.

Protective Lock lid, Measurement Signs

The lid fixes well and is locked with a safety lock. This prevents the heat from escaping and the liquid from leaking out.


Durable glass can withstand high temperatures. It is clean and transparent; you can easily see the liquid heated.


This product comes with a two-year hassle-free warranty.

The Gaps Electric Glass Kettle is one of those hands that have a long life and adequate heat.

Hidden Heating Element

This kettle has a stainless steel heating element. It is located at the base of most electric kettles and consists of two electrodes. Due to the electrode, the heat is distributed efficiently and you get the perfect hot liquid.

Boil Dry Protection And Shut Off Automatically

When you add boiling water or some other liquid, almost everyone has those moments and then forgets to take it off.

Indicator Light

The indicator light helps to stop further work. This light indicates whether your device is running or not.

Power Details

This kettle uses an AC voltage of 220-240 watts. With 1500 watts of power, the frequency of the device is 50/60 Hz.

Electrical – NELLA MILLAN

About this item: Electric Kettle

Removable and Washable Lime Scale Filter is designed with premium materials to protect your mix from any unexpected bits.

The water level indicator window allows you to see how much water you are boiling without any difficulty.

The 360 ​​swivel base allows the kettle jug to rotate 360 ​​degrees, making it easy for both right and left-hand users to use.

Boil your water quickly with a 2200 watt hidden heating element.

Automatic on/off switch LED light indicator knows when your kettle is on or off.

Wide spout: Easily put your cup the way you want it.


Rated Voltage: 220 – 240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Power: 1850-2200W

Electrical – NELLA MILLAN

About this item: Toaster

However, you like that you gave bread to the Jewelry League toaster, it’s for you. With the variable browning control function, getting the perfect slices of toast has never been easier.

Do you need to stop toasting? Just press the easy cancel button!

Holds high lift function bread after or during toasting for collection or inspection

Six levels of toasting, from light to well.

Reheat – Heats or keeps already toasted bread

Defrost – defrosts and toasts frozen bread

Cancel – Once it starts, the toasting stops


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