Measuring Your Curtain

To get the right measurements for your curtains, follow our step-to-step guide:

Fit your curtain pole.

The curtain pole should be 15-20 cm above your window and should stretch 15-20cm wider that your window on each side.

Measure the correct curtain width.

Measure the width of the curtain pole excluding any finials or end caps, and then add 2.5cm. This is the width of one of your curtain panels.

Deciding on curtain length/drop.

The popular three options are as follows:

Above sill – curtain should end 1cm above sill.

Below sill – curtain should end 15-20cm below sill (be careful of radiators – 3cm above)

Floor length – curtain should end 1cm above the floor.

Measure the correct curtain length/drop.

Measure from the top of the pole to the chosen end point in step 3. Then add 3cm (for fabric above Pencil Pleat).

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